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Christmas Helps Our Cities’ Mental Health



The Universe supplied our Earth with the molecular tools needed for life. They are all over the Universe. This does not dispute any belief system as the ‘Creator’ created the tools.


These molecular tools began to create organisms that became more and more complex. Like little computers creating DNA and turning genes on and off to fit the environment. The organisms compete for resources. It was a existence of eat or be eaten.  Sensory input was one of the first steps in creating intelligent brains. Ant and Bee are good examples of that. Ant see’s, hears, smells, tests, and touches details and Bee perceives larger patterns.


As organisms’ brains became more complex the young needed a mother and/or a father to bond to them long enough to protect them in the longer and longer developmental stages. Fear and love in animals are represented by Macho Cat and loving Cuddles the dog.  Geru the blue bird represents complex belief systems needed for the mind to organize its experiences. Patient Turtle and energetic Rabbit represent the part of the brain that takes action. Deceptive Spiedie, selfish Raccoon, blaming Crow, and aggressive Coyote represent the Lower Nature, or survival mode that developed to avoid being killed and devoured.


Some changes are needed that nature did not code into DNA programs. DNA gives us the brains to make those changes faster and more complex then ever before. It is as if the combined brains of many become a larger more complex shared brain.


Coding did not put a ceiling on many human traits, as how deceptive, or greedy, or blaming and aggression should we display? The environment set ceilings by what was possible to do. People had to change with the environments that limited or expanded their activities. As we created bigger more deadly weapons our influence on others and nature became more and more helpful or destructive. The ceiling of what we can do is only limited by our imaginations, time, and technology. Our advances can be for survival or counter survival. The Lower Nature can disregard the Upper Nature and only use the UN to create more havoc and evil.


The Lower Nature was faster so it could respond to emanate danger, run before you get eaten or strike back first. What is the mechanism for this to happen.


Fear can close down the Upper Nature to only utilize it for defensive reasons. But it can respond to false dangers, that appear to them to be dangerous but are not. There is a inherent conflict between the Upper and Lower Nature. Many people will go with their Lower Nature because it is easier than to stop and think. Life becomes dark and depressed with only addictions or negative thoughts.


You may ask how Christmas can bring relief to the sad and weary. It is built into our DNA to respond to certain environments with more energy, pleasant, and invigorating responses. When fear and the Lower Nature has commandeered all the Upper Widgets but the three left and seen below, how does our conscious choice get the others back so our Upper Nature gets back into control?


We have to make the conscious choice to STOP what we are doing to calm down.


Loving feelings, caring more about the other person’s reactions than our own calms our fears and aggressions. Trying to be more patient can stop excess energy, and then its Geru’s turn.


We need to take a closer more accurate look of the events, be upbeat, serve others, remember our more moral and ethical teachings,  and patiently try moral and ethical actions. Then we begin to do what better works for ourselves and others. Christmas is a good example of what helps us be better people.


Many of our children get into the wrong crowds that do mischief. Unsavory people can put them up to gang behaviors to sell their addictive goods, such as drugs or stolen good. Grandma is looking at the fight with her Upper Nature and Grandpa with his let anything go attitude and cynicism.


One little girl thrown into the chaos brought her cousin from his Lower Nature back to his Upper Nature in order to save her. He had to become a hero.


This is the state of affairs in neighborhoods like Cuz was in when BJ came to his rescue. But these bad cities have hope when the people in them begin to stop the fighting and decide to create a more pleasant atmosphere, even if it is only for a while, for Christmas.


This is so simple but only a beginning. And and Bee take notice of the glitter, even if it is only more light twinkling, and they grow stronger so they can look around more, get out of the gloomy state of affairs and look beyond.


This is the most disputed event of Christmas. But really, it is very simple. If a little girl can tame us, so can an infant little boy. We put a lot of hope on our little ones. If we try and protect them we have to be more moral and ethical. Democracy began in families, parents giving all their children, no what age, a chance to develop themselves.


Its fun to receive gifts, but oh, boy, can it be thrilling to give gifts, especially if they serve others, meet their needs. We give lots of free things away, money, food, and smiles.


So its time to take action and join the fun. Lets not put down any religions festivities that serve to bring peace and happiness to others. If we could perk up every year, month, week, or day this would be a much better place. If we serve others and meet all our needs they call it peace.