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evolution-widget-key00KeyKids 00Winds Blow

THE ABOVE KEY REPRESENTS THE CONFLICT BETWEEN THE UPPER NATURE, THE ALTRUISTIC NATURE ON THE LEFT AND THE LOWER NATURE, OR SURVIVAL MODE, ON THE RIGHT. THEY ARE TRYING TO GUIDE THE MIND IN THEIR OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS. There are four stages of the brain, first, Ant and Bee perceives the environment or Spidie makes up lies. Second, Mach fear and Loving Cuddles must guide our sails to the right directions in life or Selfish Raccoon has shallow solutions that may not help. Third, Geru flys over head to view the situation and studies the wisdom of the ages to be able to plan where to go and what to do, or Crow blames everyone or everything rather than looking at what works. And Fourthly, Patient Turtle and Energetic Rabbit at the helm follow through with workable solutions rather than becoming an aggressive predator like coyote.


Without love guiding Cuz’s conscious choice, he made the wrong choice and put fighting in the gangs ahead of her. His Upper Nature wants to help him in the relationship and his Lower Nature sees a chance to lead him astray.


His little cousins and their friends will try and help him go the right or wrong direction. Each child’s dominant widget is shown trying to give their advice for Cuz. One gives good advice, the other not so good.


A flower is as delicate as love, it needs to be nurtured. In any relationship we must nurture our partner like a mother to her infant, serving this baby’s needs so it can live and be happy.


Our beliefs determine how we perceive, feel, plan, and act on events. If we do not believe a relationship takes fair consideration and leave it to luck, our luck will run out.


A decision we have to make at all times is do we work for instant pleasures, act out for temporary excitement and forget about being fair to others, or do we stop and think about gaining greater lasting pleasure by being a fair person in our relationships.


The pain temps us for instant relief. Cuz’s journey is to find another way.

07Pic 4

Without love to reward us for being with others we turn for instant reliefs that can bring addictive pleasure but leave us high and dry when the dust settles.

08Pic 6 GM GP

Larry’s dad is the richest man in town and so wields a lot of power and sells addictive things.

09 GM GP

Love for family can help stop addictions if one is not too numbed by the addiction.


Grandma is driven by her Upper Nature and Grandpa often by his Lower Nature.


Love, even from a little child, can wield a lot of power too. But Cuz must learn more.

12Pic 8

GP does not take well to GM suggesting he feel weak by giving attention to love.


Cuz first step in his journey is to learn what he can from those who know more.

14CUZ GM 2

Addictions can not be sustained and depression results after the excitement is over.

15CUZ GM 3

We are like chemical robots, we must continually keep our good chemicals flowing by doing the right things, things that keep us going with hope for more or better pleasures.

16CUZ GM 4

A relationship must go both ways or it drains the Upper Nature, and even the Lower Nature. Then we have nothing to float our boat in, or very little.

17CUZ GM 5

Perceptions, emotions, thoughts, and actions all need to be engaged to create lots of chemicals that give us happiness, but they need a guide.


Love must go both ways between people, empathy helps us do that. Without it we are lost.

19GM Cuz 7

Without fear for the safety and the happiness of others, and without the guidance of empathy we are psychopathic, and our Lower Nature controls our then weak Upper Nature. Survival mode takes over as if everyone is the enemy.


Hollow promises are easily seen through as promises that can not be kept. Step one, perceive correctly our loved one’s reactions.


Love is about safety and meeting our needs for correct perception, emotions, thoughts, and actions.


No blaming, its about fairness and balancing our actions and needs with theirs.


Is love a fight? Do we force love? Or do we change ourselves to adjust to the other person. The best definition of intelligence is adapting to our environment and others such that we and others are safe and happy.


Cuz went through the four stages to get the best reactions from his Girlfriend. He has the right steps, but it not an easy process,  life and relationships throw us lots of different situations. Our personalities, or combination of our own Upper and Lower Natures widgets and their different strengths and history, get in the way. Just remember this, often you do all these steps easier when you first date someone, as you are putting off your own quirky personality traits to please the other. Date you love ones for life.