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Halloween is a Mental Health Test

Halloween is a Mental Health Test

KEYs to Cartoon


The key gives a quick outline of mental health. The Upper Nature if
healthy and tends to see reality better, be cautious and loving, make fair judgements and decisions, and do what’s right. The Lower Nature is quick to distort, be greedy, blame, and be aggressive to win at all costs.It is the survival mode and handy to have in real emergencies but gets us into trouble otherwise when not really needed.


Just as we want to be physically fit….


…we need to be mentally fit. Its like a game of soccer with opposing teams. The Upper Nature heads for the goalie of Doing the right things. The Lower Nature heads for the goalie of Its All About Me so do what it takes to win. The Upper Nature has to win over the Lower Nature if you want to be mentally fit and able to network and meet your goals. The Lower Nature may need to win when real danger is evident, other wise it will drag you down with defensiveness, bore you, and make others defensive too.


The Upper Nature heads for the goalie of Do What’s Right. The Lower Nature heads for the goalie of Its All About Me. If our Ant & Bee, awareness, is not alert our Spiedie perception will deceive us and we loose the ball or focus. The same with Macho scardy cat and Cuddles love. If they are not looking out for safety to help others then our selfish Raccoon will steel the ball. Wise Geru will loose the ball to fantasy beliefs of Crow. If Rabbit does not patiently guard, with Turtle, the ball will score for the wrong reason or people. Coyote may not let you make a goalie and his gang has another chance to score.

Everyone has a dominant widget. Any group of people will vary one from another. If the group has all the dominant Upper Nature widgets possible, they can be a very efficient team. If they have only dominant Lower Nature widgets they can be a destructive gang. I show which kids have which dominant widgets by matching their positions below the widgets. Kids and people tend to pick careers and activities that reflect their dominant widgets. On Halloween, if left to their own devices,  kids and adults often like to dress up in ways that reflect their tendencies. They somehow identify with their favorite costumes.


Edgar likes observing the world like Ant and Bee in detail and see patterns, he favors dressing up like a scientist. Ragde likes to be more deceptive like Spiedie.


Molly, the loving one, is like Cuddles and Sue, the wise one, like Geru who see’s the larger truths. Charlotte, the greedy selfish one, is like Raccoon and Destiny dresses like the guilt that haunts you or others, like Crow the blaming one.


George is out to save the world with the energy and patience of Rabbit and Turtle while Larry is the aggressor predator like Coyote. So we have the two teams, Upper and Lower natures. The Upper Nature wants Treats and the Lower Nature wants to Trick and take it all. The Lower Nature gang plots to hurt others for pleasure.


Every time you stand at the door and say Trick or Treat, what lurks in your inner most being? Do you grudgingly  say Treat me or I will  defiantly Trick, or do you really enjoy the Upper Nature of the event and share the pleasures that others get to give treats? Only you know what lurks in your heart. But your costume may be giving you away.